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NEW! Sunlighten Cold-Pressed Juice

Fuel for your body & soul

•  cold-pressed
•  100% raw
•  no fillers
•  locally handcrafted

At Sunlighten, we are driven to make a difference in our community by empowering you to be your healthiest.  This is the passion behind our cold-pressed juices that are designed to fuel your body and soul.

We only use the best produce and source locally when seasonally available.  Our juices contain no additives and are not diluted with water.  Made locally and handcrafted with care. 

Ready, Set, Glow

(carrot + strawberry + orange + celery + jalapeno) – A powerhouse of Vitamin A for healthy skin and anti-aging. $7.99

Power Hour

(almond + pecan + dates + hemp Seed + vanilla extract + sea salt) – A powerful protein blend to fuels your muscle and bones and energizes your cells. $7.99

Mean, Green & Clean

(apple + kale + celery + cucumber + lemon + ginger) – This green masterpiece provides a fusion of nutrients to cleanse and purify the body. $7.99

Taste of Summer

(watermelon + lime + mint + sea salt) – Heal your body with a burst of hydration for your cells. $7.99


(high ph water + lemon + coconut nectar + cayenne pepper) – Purify the body with alkalize-forming ingredients to remove toxins and restore your body’s natural PH. $7.99

On the Beeten Path

(beet + apple + lemon + ginger) – Fuel your heart, boost stamina and fight inflammation with this healthy fusion. $7.99

Ready to reset and recharge?  Learn about the Sunlighten Cleanse