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Cleanse Guidelines

There are many ways to do a juice cleanse – some good and some not so good.  We’ve developed a unique program to keep you energized all day.  Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your cleanse. 


For a minimum of three days leading up to your cleanse, we recommend eating a plant-centric diet that is predominately raw. Smoothies, bended soups, salads, juices and lots of water will make sure that your cleanse is enjoyable and effective.

Take a break from sugar, caffeine, nicotine, processed foods, flour, grains, dairy… these all can keep our body from functioning at a super high level. By eliminating these foods, your body will have an easier time with the cleanse and you will have less cleansing symptoms (headache, foggy).


Keep your body nourished by drinking all of your juices every day.  We recommend spacing them out by two hours.  Drink plenty of water to support the cleansing process.  You can also enjoy hot herbal tea.

8am – Mean Green & Clean

10am – Ready Set Glow

12pm – Mean Green & Clean

2pm – On the Beeten Path

4pm – Cleansing Tonic

6pm – Taste of Summer

8pm – Power Hour

For the Purifying Cleanse, drink the two additional Cleansing Tonics through the day as desired.

You can boost your detox efforts with a Sunlighten Purifying Treatment to help draw out the toxins at the cellular level.  Magnesium salt baths, gentle exercise, and massage can relieve any detoxification symptoms.


Congratulations, you did it!  With an extra bounce in your step, you may feel ready to conquer anything!  But when it comes to food, it’s important to take it easy. It is best to break your cleanse gently with whole foods that are easy to digest – soft fruits, broths, or roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes or squash.  After cleansing, you will find that your body craves fresh, healthy food!

Once you have finished your first juice fast, it is great to support your body by doing one day a week of juice and liquids as a maintenance. The body also enjoys a cleanse and boost at the change of each season. Please always consult your natural health care provider before embarking on a cleanse.