Body Treatments

Skin is not just the body’s largest organ it’s a manifestation of how your body feels. Ensure vital, glowing skin with treatments that work from the outside in an and the outside. Treatments begin with a complementary petal food soak.


Clarifying and detoxifying, this sensuous body treatment combines deep pore cleansing with an oxygenating body mask to rid the skin of surface impurities and normalize skin function. A soothing blend of essential oils and marine extracts reduces inflammation, leaving the skin nourished, hydrated and balanced. Treatment ends with a 30 minute Sunlighten™ Purifying Treatment. 

60 minutes $90
with 30-minute Sunlighten™ Purifying Treatment – $115
with 60-minute wrap, including a 30-minute facial – $130

Go Backless

Show off your shoulders and back to reveal radiant, clear skin with a deep pore cleansing, gentle extraction and massage with sea salt exfoliation, great for acne-prone skin. 

45 minutes – $65

Contour Wrap

The Contour Wrap helps to detoxify and remove inches. The body is fully exfoliated, contour cream is applied and the body is wrapped to contour and tighten. This wrap is a relaxing way to release toxins from the body as well as promote inch loss among several points.

90-minute wrap – $140
90-minute wrap, including a 30-minute facial – $180


We suggest 30 minutes prior to waxing service take Tums or Rolaids and limit any caffeine use – this will help to alleviate any of the pain and discomfort.

Brows – $20
Brow & Lash Tinting – $20 ea. / $35 combined
Half / Full Arm – $20 ea. / $50
Brow & Lip Combo – $30
Underarm – $30
Bikini – $45
Half / Full Leg – $40 / $60
Chest or Back – $50
Brazilian – $85
Full Leg with Bikini – $100

Add On Enhancements

Exfoliating Scrub – $50

Hand & Foot Paraffin – $30

Foot Scrub – $20

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